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Shine, without blinding.

Daniel E. Eggli

Tasty explosions as soon as fork and spoon hit the tongue. Someone pushing to the edge of good taste, every time. Only big players can do it in such an intensity.

Roland Trettl

Executive Chef im Hangar-7, Salzburg

«Rico's» is a marquee of sensuality, each plate is a piece of joy for food. It makes the restaurant a culinary lodestar in our country.

Die Weltwoche

Rico Zandonella, the happy Ticonese, is an excellent cook, a trendsetter who was instrumental in participating in the great success of the „Kunststuben“. He is also very ambitious.

Gault Millau

(18) Points

An entire treat, great wines and perfect service.

Marco Polo

I salute “Rico’s” for giving me one of the finest meals I have ever eaten. Sometimes I can scarcely believe how privileged I am.

Bown’s Best.com

The restaurant is a piece of art and was changed into a magical temple. Completely different, but not less creative is the cuisine: Zandonella stayed the same, keen on quality and precision.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

No restaurant has ever exceeded my expectations more than Rico’s. I knew going in that it had been called “the best restaurant in Europe” by a certain well known travel guide. Despite these lofty expectations, I left positive that this was the best meal I’d ever had.


The presentation here is fantastic, with ingredients so strikingly arranged on the plate you feel you should hang the main course on the wall, not eat it.

USA Today

Rico Zandonella, the executive chef, has made a name for himself and his International-French cuisine throughout Europe.