Rico's sandwich of roasted orange - brioche,

Goose liver with beetroot and Perigord truffle vinaigrette


Sous vide cooked tartar from the Alpstein poulard

with Tuna Tataki, Cucumber Relish and Anise Cream


Apple-Celery-Vanilla Cappuccino with Scallops

and farmhouse bread crustino


Lostallo salmon with pepper crust on sauerkraut

with champagne foam and gaufrette potato


Rico's Wild Shrimp Carbonara

with onsen egg and crispy Appenzeller bacon


Pink roasted and braised Emmental veal with spinach - coriander sphere, parsnip and Barolo - thyme jus


Eduardo's Montblanc

with pomegranate, cranberry and Ticino grape ice cream


The Lemon

All prices 7.7 % VAT inclusive
Provenance: Meat: France / Switzerland / USA / Austria Fish / Seafood: France / Portugal / South Africa